Finnland - Wildnis und Moderne

The capital Helsinki - the gateway to the north - welcomes visitors with impressive modernist buildings. The architects Alvar Aalto and Steven Holl worked in the trendy metropolis. Finnish design at the top of the world and characterized by elegance and simple functionality. In the southwest lies the archipelago paradise. The huge lake district, which stretches across central and eastern Finland, is a popular holiday destination. Ideal for a family holiday in the summer house; Boat and sauna included. Detours go to Tampere, Lahti, and Savonlinna with its medieval castle.

Géneros: Documental


Director: Claus U. Eckert (Director)


Titulo original: Finnland - Wildnis und Moderne

Duración: 87 minutos

Calidad: HD

Lanzamiento: 2022

imdb rating 0


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