Center, Ring, Mall

A multi-vocal triptych through peripheral sites of urban infrastructure: a data center, a ring road, and a run-down mall. All three sites were built with certain worldviews: visions of the future and US-influenced promises of progress that didn't turn out to be the utopias they presented themselves as. Through multi-lingual texts, a site-specific soundtrack, 16mm and 3D images, the spaces and their implications are subjectively mapped, poeticized and questioned. A poetic materialism of decay, renewal, remembering and projecting, "Center, Ring, Mall" is perhaps a mourning, but one that desires and demands a rebirth.

Géneros: Documental


Director: Mateo Vega (Director)

País: Netherlands, Peru

Titulo original: Center, Ring, Mall

Duración: 17 minutos

Calidad: HD

Lanzamiento: 2023

imdb rating 2


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